(i), I am an associate professor of the department of statistics at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

(ii) Pior to (i), I was an assistant professor of the department of statistics at LSE.

(iii) Prior to (ii), I was a Ph.D. student in Statistics at North Carolina State University (NCSU). I work with Dr. Wenbin Lu and Dr. Rui Song.

(iv) Prior to (iii), I obtained a B.S. in Statistics from Zhejiang University in July 2014.

(v) Prior to (iv), I graduated from Ningbo Xiaoshi High School in July 2010.

I was honoured to receive the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Tweedie Award and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Research Prize.

I am looking for PhD students interested in reinforcement learning (see my lecture slides on RL, my slides on off-policy evaluation and our review paper).

My email c.shi7@lse.ac.uk. My GitHub. My CV.


My research is motivated from the applications in precision medicine (a simulated STARD data example), mobile health (some simulated environments for Diabetes and Intern Health), ridesharing (simulated environments for Order Dispatch and Spatio-temporal Policy Evaluation; see also my talk), neuroscience and video-sharing platforms.

Some of my recent talks on statistical inference, RL and causal inference: StatRL (Bilibili, Youtube; Chinese versions: Bilibili, Youtube; slides), CausalRL.

A summary of my past/current research: Statistical Methods in Reinforcement Learning

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